Jim Starlin Warlock #15 Title Splash 1976


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This is the classic Bronze Age Jim Starlin title splash page published in Warlock #15 from 1976, the final issue of Starlin’s classic run on the book! Starlin rendered both pencils AND the inks on this page and it’s an amazing image featuring a full figure of Adam Warlock in a cosmic setting in full-on angst mode. Starlin’s run on Warlock is one of the most beloved series in the history of Marvel among fans and has been reprinted numerous times over the years. The entire run comprised only 11 issues–Strange Tales #178-181 and Warlock #9-15.

Jim Starlin is the legendary creator chiefly responsible for the cosmic expansion of the Marvel Universe that took place starting in the Bronze Age when he introduced the characters of Thanos, Drax the Destroyer and Eros in Iron Man #55. Starlin then moved on to a great run on Captain Marvel #25-34 and then revived Warlock in 1975.

Adam Warlock was first introduced as the creature Him in the pages of Fantastic Four #66-67, created by the legendary team of Stan Lee and Jack Kirby. The character’s first full appearance was in Thor #165. Roy Thomas and Gil Kane evolved the character into Warlock in Marvel Premiere #1 and introduced him into his own series, which ran for eight issues in 1972-1973. Two years later, Starlin revived the character and evolved him further into Adam Warlock, the ultimate Marvel cosmic protector. Although short-lived, the character achieved cult status and was brought back for a much longer run in the 90s, and has appeared throughout the 21st Century in a variety of cosmic-themed stories.


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