We are a small private business that enjoys the medium as much as any single collector.  Our goal is to act as a conduit for collectors to access very high quality vintage collectibles, to assist those who want to exchange or sell their collections or finds, and provide an array of other services as our clients needs dictate.

We provide collection assessment and value evaluation, consignment sales at the lowest industry rates, artist representation & custom commission artworks, direct purchase of original comic art and comic collections, and independent publishing assistance at very modest rates.

Additionally, we will offer bounty hunting for collector’s specifically desired item or niche, and educational direction regarding the market and it’s various mechanics as a consultation service.

Please feel free to contact us for any questions, or if  you have any of the needs that are outlined above.  We strive to provide excellent service with our overreaching goal to help collectors enjoy and improve their collections, as well as the entire process of collecting!


Alex  Bullock, Owner & President ABCollectibles